Węgrów 1863


Węgrów 1863

System: Napoleon

Complexity: medium

Scale: 1 counter – 100-200 men

Board: 1 x 60/45 cm

Scenarios: 2

Description: The January Uprising 1863 was a national uprising in the Russian partition od Poland One of the most important skirmishes of the campaign took place near Węgrów. Polish improvised forces, basing on the town, fought against regular Russian army. Polish scythe armed infantry attacked Russian artillery, with success but with great losses as well. Despite the losses, Polish units broke the Russian ring around the town and moved eastwards. Game covers the battle of Węgrów and Polish attack on Szaruty that took place a day before. Numerical superiority of the Russians is obvious, but Polish player should try to use the terrain and seek any chance for even a small, local counterattacks.