Mława 1939


Mława 1939

System: September 1939 (W-39)

Complexity: high

Scale: Regiment-battalion-company

Boards: 2 x 50/70 cm

Scenarios: 4

Description: The battle of Mława took place to the north of the town of Mława in northern Poland between 1 and 4 September 1939. It was one of the opening battles of the Invasion of Poland and the World War II. It was fought between the forces of the Polish Modlin Army under General Krukowicz-Przedrzymirski and the German 3rd Army under General Georg von Küchler. Polish positions were strengthened by the number of fortifications, some XIX-century old, some just built in the months before the war. Germans failed to capture the Mława position with a direct assault and suffered heavy losses. But their units managed to outflank Polish defenders, forcing them to retreat. But did it have to end this way? Was it possible to use groups „Narew” and „Wyszków” in the more active way, performing some local counterattacks? Despite being stand alone product, game can be joined with other game of September 1939 system, creating together a huge game about 1939 campaign.