Tikhvin 1941
TIKHVIN 1941 – 1942

The game depicts the Tikvin operation.
The defense of Leningrad was one
of the first operations of the Soviet troops,
in effective defense against the German troops.

Tree battles of El-Alamein

The latest game from our publishing house about battles in North Africa in 1942

El-Alamein 1942
Three battles of El-Alamein

The game shows actions considered to be a turning point
in the desert campaign in North Africa during World War II.
- Ruweysat Hills (July 1-3),
- Alam el Halfa (August 30-31)
- El-Alamein (October 23-30).

Tree battles of El-Alamein

The latest game from our publishing house about battles in North Africa in 1942


Waterloo 2025 is a strategic war game showing a hypothetical conflict Russia and Western countries. Players can command the equipment that occurs on the modern battlefield.

Waterloo 2025! - Strategy WarGame

Modern Warfare - history again

Bzura 1939
Bzura and Piotrkow Wargames

The biggest battles of the September Campaign of 1939.
Both games can be combined and play a wide front.

Bzura and Piotrków Wargames

The largest Polish battles of September Camapign in 1939

Market Garden

The game presents the largest combined airborne
and land force operation in history by the Allies in 1944,
in the territory of the occupied Netherlands.

Market Garden

The largest joint airborne and land operation

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  • Koronowo 1410
    About 4,000 mercenaries, hired by Teutonic Knights, arrived in Gdańsk. Their goal was to attack Cuiavia and capture Bydgoszcz. After gathering the militia, Polish king Władysław Jagiełło sent about 2,000 armed men to stop the enemy. Koronowo was a strategic place. The shortest route from Tuchola to Bydgoszcz passed through here. The Poles seized the… Read more: Koronowo 1410
  • Blitzkrieg 1939, 2nd part
    Blitzkrieg is the second game in the series showing the fighting in Poland in September 1939. This time it is possible to fight the battles of Mokra, Ostrowy, Piotrków Trybunalski, Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Warsaw and Sochaczew.
  • Borodino 2025
    Borodino 2025 is a game showing the last great battle of World War III. NATO corps approached the Russian capital, where fierce fighting was taking place between military and political parties. By the end of December, Moscow was almost completely taken over.