Byczyna 1588


Byczyna 1588

System: Winged Hussars

Complexity: medium

Scale: 1 counter = about 100 men

Boards: 2 x 50/70 cm

Scenarios: 3

Description: On 24 January 1588 Polish-Lithuanian’s commonwealth’s army under Jan Zamoyski met the forces of Maximilian III Habsburg near Byczyna. Result of this battle could decide about taking the Polish throne by Habsburgs or Vasas. Winged hussars fough on the both sides, making this battle particularly fierce and bloody, with about 3000 soldiers killed on both sides. The game covers all three stages of the battle, since the arrive on the Polish forces, their initial strike till the decisive moment of the battle. Is it possible for the austro-moravian-hungarian-silesian-polish forces of Maximilian III to win the battle or are the supporters of the Sigismund Vasa can win in even more spectacular way? Scenario that shows the dawn of the day give players an opportunity to change the historical set up and use any tactics they like to try.