Mariupol 2014/2015



The game presents the attack of Russian troops on Mariupol.

The attack on Mariupol began on August 28, 2014, when the Russians captured the city of Novoazovsk. Ukrainian soldiers withdrew to Mariupol. At the same time, many residents left Mariupol for fear of attack.

On September 4, Ukrainian forces destroyed Russians attacking from the village of Bezimenne between the villages of Shirokino and Berdiańskie. One rebel tank and truck were destroyed, while another separatist truck was abandoned.

On September 5, fighting took place mainly in the village of Shirokino, and clashes took place again in Bezimenne. Seven civilians were killed in the clashes. The Azov battalion also began to train Mariupol citizens in self-defense and organize people’s militias to defend the city. About a dozen Ukrainian Army armored personnel carriers arrived with men and ammunition to help defend the city. Heavier fighting broke out in Mariupol despite a ceasefire agreement. Ukrainian forces shelled rebel positions near Mariupol and repelled the attack. Rebel forces claimed to have entered Mariupol, which Ukraine denied.

Fighting in the suburbs

On September 5, seven T-64 tanks of the Ukrainian army entered combat against 30 Russian tanks. The Ukrainians repelled the attack, but lost four machines and withdrew with the remaining three to Mariupol.

On September 7, DPR artillery fire destroyed a Ukrainian military car at a checkpoint on the outskirts of the city. The Azov Battalion also captured a tank near Mariupol (its crew escaped). On the same day, it was confirmed that DPR forces had captured Shirokino.