Berlin 1945


Berlin 1945

System: Great Battles 1939-45 (WB-95)

Complexity: medium

Scale: Division-regiment

Boards: 2 x 50/70 cm

Scenarios: 3

Description: The battle of Berlin was the last battle of the World War 2 in Europe. Soviet forces under the marshal Zhukov made their way through the improvised lines of  the German defense. Even if outnumbered and outgunned, Germans defended their capital with desperation, causing big loses to the attackers. However, Soviet commanders cared a little about their soldiers’ lives. Berlin 1945 is the game for the players who likes games with unequal odds and desperate defense against the masses of enemies. The game can be joined with „Red Hurricane”, creating together a big game about the battle of the western Poland and the eastern Germany and the race to Berlin between Zhukov and Konev.

Game is avilable to connect with Bautzen 1945