21st Century Battles


Battles of the XXI Century

System: Battles of the XXI Century

Complexity: high

Scale: company

Boards: 3 x 50/70 cm

Description: tactical, company scale game about the modern combat. The idea of this game was to show the differences of the various combat vehicles and to allow players to check the alternative kinds of modern armament. Units tables allows players to use same the units but with different vehicles, for example Polish 20 Mechanized Brigade can use BMP-1 and T-72 or PT-91, Leopard II or Rosomak.

Scenarios are showing episodes of the 2nd Iraq War, fights at the Crimea and hypothetical Russian attack on Poland. Company scale and complex rules are giving a lot of possibilities for the players. Various battlefields and lot of the vehicles makes each game very different from another. In the publisher’s magazine you may find more games of this system, focused on the wars at Georgia or Ukraine.