Kock 1939


Kock 1939

System: September 1939

Complexity: high

Scale: Regiment-battalion-company

Boards: 2 x 50/70 cm

Scenarios: 4

Description: The last battle of the Polish 1939 campaign took place near Kock. Independent Operational Group “Polesie” lead by the general Kleeberg marched to help surrounded Warsaw, fighting against Germans and their Soviet allies. After the fall of Warsaw and Modlin, general Kleeberg decided to move south. Germans send small forces, thinking the it will be rather police action against the bunch of demoralized Polish troops. Soon after commander of the German 13 Motorized Division send an urgent call for help when his division started to break under the Polish attacks. Only the quick help of the 29 Motorized Division and the lack of ammunition and supplies in the Polish units saved Germans from the shameful defeat. Game covers all the stages of the battle of Kock and the German attack on the Brest fortress along with hypothetical scenario about Soviet-German war at 1939. Despite being a stand alone product, the game can be joined with other games of the September 1939 system, creating together a huge game about 1939 campaign.