Kanev 1943


Panthers in Action (Kanev 1943)

System: Battles of the World War II (B-35)

Complexity: very high

Scenarios: 3

Description: The battle of Kanev, fought on September 1943 was a part of the battle of Dniepr, one of the biggest strategical operations at the eastern front. Soviets performed a big scale attacked, with crossing the Dniepr by their land units and airborne landing at the back of the German positions. Initial successes of the Red Army were quickly halted thanks to the German armored divisions. The Soviet paratroopers suffered a heavy losses. Only the lack of the further units gave the Germans no chance to destroy all the Soviets forces on the left side of the Dniepr. The battle of Kanev is one of the most interesting battles of the eastern front because of the many fast and airborne units so both players are able to surprise an enemy.