Borodino 1812


Borodino 1812

System: Napoleon

Complexity: medium

Scale: Brigade-regiment

Boards: 2 x 50/70 cm

Scenarios: 2

Description: The Battle of Borodino was fought on 7 September 1812 during the French invasion of Russia, called „Second Polish War” by the Napoleon. The fighting involved around 250,000 troops and left at least 70,000 casualties, making Borodino the deadliest day of the Napoleonic Wars. Napoleon’s Grande Armée launched an attack against the Russian army, driving it back from its initial positions but failing to gain a decisive victory. Game covers the entire battle of Borodino and batle of Shevardino Redoubt that took place a day before. Players may also check what could happened if Napoleon would use all his reserves, including best units of his army – the Imperial Guard. It’s attack could be a decisive blow, but Napoleon wanted to keep some reserves untouched. Could duke Poniatowski capture Utica faster and move onto Russian back? Or maybe Russian could keep all the redoubts in their hands for the entire day, making French army bleed even more?