Tactics and Strategy

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Tactics and Strategy

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STRATEGY WARGAME: Pacific 1941 – 1945 (B-35)

The game covers selected landing operations in the Pacific. They are mainly carried out by the American army, whose primary goal was to capture base after base, suitable for continuing an offensive towards Japan.

Strategy WarGame: ŁÓDŹ 1914

The Battle of Lodz was the biggest battle fought by the the tsarist army against the forces of the German emperor.

San Marino 1944 (WB-95)

When the next Allied offensive began on September 12, its goal was Rimini and San Marino. The Germans knew perfectly well that the loss of Rimini would cause the Allies to exit the Po River Valley and so they had to do everything to slow down and stop this attack on the coast.

Nordwind 1945 (WB-95)

The German offensive in Alsace in early 1945 was the Wehrmacht’s last attempt to take over a strategic initiative on the Western Front.

Hattin 1187 – system: średniowiecze

On July 4, 1187, near the village of Hattin, beside Lake Tiberias, the Christian army under Raymond of Tripoli faced Muslim forces, led by Saladin, in deadly clash.

Territorial defence force 2025

The Territorial Defence Force (WOT) is the fifth military branch of the Polish Armed Forces, dedicated to conducting defense activities in cooperation with the operational forces and to stabilize the military security throughout the country. WOT is also an important element of the state defense system.


The game covers combat operations of German divisions of the Army Group North fighting in Poland in September 1939