Tactics and Strategy

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Tactics and Strategy

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STRATEGY WARGAME: Pacific 1941 – 1945 (B-35)

Pacyfic 1941 – 1945

System: Battles of the World War II (B-35)

Complexity: very high

Scale: Battalion-company

– Betio, 20-23 XI 1943
– Roi i Namur,  31 I – 2 II 1944
– Kwajelein,  1-4 II 1944
– Peleliu,  15-30 IX 1944
– Angaur,  17-20 IX 1944
– Shumshu,  18-20 VIII 1945
– Sajpan
– Green Island
The game covers selected landing operations in the Pacific. They are mainly carried out by the American army, whose primary goal was to capture base after base, suitable for continuing an offensive towards Japan. One of the operations, landing at Shumshu, is carried out by the Red Army. The game begins a series focused on the fights in the Pacific basin, from the Malays to Operation Olympic.