Tactics and Strategy

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Tactics and Strategy

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Vienna, Parkany 1683

The Battle of Vienna was a great victory for the Allies under the command of the Polish King Jan III Sobieski over the Turks. Christian Europe was saved, and the expansion of the Ottoman Empire was finally stopped by the lances of Polish winged hussars.

Bologna 1945

Battle of Bologna, fought in April 1945, was the last battle of the Polish 2nd Corps. It was the end of the Second World War, however, Germans were not eager to surrender, especially to the Poles. They defended each of their positions fiercely, often using mines and traps. But the determined attack of the Polish soldiers freed Bologna, ending the combat trail of the Polish forces in Italy.


On 24 January 1588 Polish-Lithuanian’s commonwealth’s army under Jan Zamoyski met the forces of Maximilian III Habsburg near Byczyna. Result of this battle could decide about taking the Polish throne by Habsburgs or Vasas. Winged hussars fough on the both sides, making this battle particularly fierce and bloody, with about 3000 soldiers killed on both sides.

The battle of Budapest was the last great offensive of the German army during World War II. Throughout entire January German 6th Army tried to force its way to the surrounded Budapest and to destroy Soviet forces located west of the city. Germans used their strongest units at Hungary, going out on a limb.