Tactics and Strategy

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Tactics and Strategy

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The game covers combat operations of German divisions of the Army Group North fighting in Poland in September 1939

Ardennes 2024

Fighting in the Ardennes in 2024 is a hypothetical clash of NATO troops with the Russian Army going west. The historical area of ​​action from 1944 has again become an arena of deadly struggles.

Two NEW scenarios to Bologna 1945

The new scanarios are:
– Argenta Gap
– Portomaggiore Gambit

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Desert Rats

The Italian attack on Egypt at 1940 opened the new front of the World War II. Over the next three years, north Africa’s deserts became a place of many fierce battles. Joining the action by the German troops provided the Axis some momentary sucesses. But the Allies weren’t willing to give up an initiative and lead further counterattacks. Game contains following scenarios: Compas I, II, Rommel’s Attack, „Brevity”, „Battleaxe” and „Crusader”, Gazala.


A game for 1-2 players in which you can try to sink the legendary Bismarck. The game also simulates attacks on other ships belonging to the Polish, French, and Japanese fleets during World War II. The gameplay takes no more than 20 minutes and the use of the cards may greatly disrupt the attacker’s plans. There are three scenarios of the Bismarck’s odyssey: “Battle with the Hood” “Air Raid,” and “The Last Battle.”

ARDENNES 1944-45

The last German onslaught on the Western front. The attack in the Ardennes caught the Americans by surprise. It was Hitler’s last attempt to reverse the outcome of World War 2.

Ebro 1938 – system WB-95

The Spanish Civil War (1936-39) was a brutal and gory conflict between the Republicans and the Nationalists, the latter led by General Franco. The Battle at the Ebro River, the longest and largest clash of this war, was a Republican offensive intending to regain the initiative and change the course of the war. Nationalist forces, supported by armored units and aircraft, retreated at first, but ultimately managed to counterattack soon after.