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First Bulletin of the Grande Armée
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Dołączył: 21 Sie 2005
Posty: 977
Skąd: Pyra vel stary Murat
Wysłany: Pią 16 Lut, 2007   First Bulletin of the Grande Armée

First Bulletin of the Grande Armée
(Article by NAPOLEON I , Trans. P.H.)

Nördlingen, 15 Vendémiaire, An 14, 7 October 1805 [Paris, 20 Vendémiaire, 12 October]

The emperor left Paris on 2 Vendémiaire (24 September) and arrived at Strasburg on the 4th (26th).
Marshal Bernadotte, who once the army had set out from Boulogne had advanced from Hanover towards Göttingen, began marching via Frankfort for Würzburg, which he reached on 1 Vendémiaire, (23 September).
General Marmont, who had reached Mainz, crossed the Rhine by the Kassel bridge and advanced to Würzburg, where he joined up with the Bavarian army and the corps under Marshal Bernadotte.
The corps under Marshal Davout crossed the Rhine on the 4th (26th) at Mannheim and marched via Heidelberg to Neckarelz, on the Neckar.
The corps under the Marshal Soult crossed the Rhine on the same day over the bridge that was thrown over the river at Speyer, and advanced towards Heilbronn.
Marshal Ney's corps crossed the same day by the bridge that had been thrown over the river opposite Durlach, and marched to Stuttgart.
The corps under Marshal Lannes crossed the Rhine at Kehl on the 3rd (25th) and advanced to Louisburg.
Prince Murat, with the cavalry of the reserve, crossed the Rhine at Kehl on the 3rd (25th), and remained for several days in position before the entrances of the Black Forest. His patrols often met enemy patrols and had them believe that we wished to enter via these entrances.
The army's main artillery park the crossed the Rhine at Kehl on the 8th (30th) and came to Heilbronn.
The Emperor crossed the Rhine at Kehl on the 9th (1st October), rested at Ettlingen the same evening, received there the Elector and Princes of Baden, and went to Louisburg, home of the Elector of Württemberg, where he took his lodgings.
On the 10th (2nd), the corps led by Marshal Bernadotte and by General Marmont, including the Bavarians who were at Würzburg, met up and began their march for the Danube.
Marshal Davout's corps set out from Neckarelz and followed the Meckmühl, Ingelfingen, Creilsheim, Dinkelsbühl, Fremdingen, Oettingen, Harburg and Donauwörth road.
Marshal Soult's corps set out from Heilbronn and followed the Oeringen, Hall, Gaildorf, Abtsgmünd, Aalen and Nördlingen road.
Marshal Ney's corps set out from Stuttgart and followed the Esslingen, Goeppingen, Weissenstein, Heidenheim, Nattheim and Nördlingen road.
Marshal Lannes's corps set out from Louisburg and followed the Gross-Beutelsbach, Plüdershausen, Gmünd, Aalen and Nördlingen road.
Here is the position of the army on the 14th (6th).
Marshal Bernadotte's corps and the Bavarians were at Weissenburg.
General Marmont's corps was at Wassertrüdingen.
Marshal Davout's corps was at Oettingen, straddling the river Wernitz.
Marshal Soult's corps was at Donauwörth and in possession of the bridge of Munster, and repairing that at Donauwörth.
Marshal Ney's corps was at Koessingen.
Marshal Lannes' corps was at Neresheim.
Prince Murat, with his dragoons, stood on the banks of the Danube.
The army is in perfect health and burning with desire to get down to business.
The enemy had approached the entrances to the Black Forest, where it seems they intended to make a stand and prevent our entering.
They had fortified the river Iller. Memmingen and Ulm were also fortifying in great haste.
Our patrols sweeping the countryside assert that the enemy has countermanded its projects and would appear to be extremely disconcerted by our movements, which seem to them as remarkable as they are unexpected.
The French and enemy patrols have met frequently. In these meetings we have taken prisoner 40 men from Latour's cavalry regiment.
This grand and extensive movement has, in the course of a few days, brought us into Bavaria, making it possible for us to avoid: the Black Mountains; the line of parallel rivers which flow into the Danube valley; and the difficulties engendered by a system of operations which would always have had the entrances into the Tyrol on its flank; Finally it has placed us several marches to the rear of the enemy, which has no time to lose if its is to avoid its total destruction.

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