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Wojciech Zalewski
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Pomógł: 5 razy
Dołączył: 15 Mar 2004
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Skąd: warszawa
Wysłany: Wto 04 Kwi, 2006   POMORZE (POMERANIA) 1939

During the Battle over Polish Pomorze region in 1939 the Germans gained undisputed initiative. Combined divisions of 3. panzer, 2. and 20. motorized, within three days surrounded most of the Polish units of 9. and 27. Infantry Division (ID) and Pomorze Cavalry Brigade.
Following rather chaotic counterattacks all Polish troops were hewn, captured or scattered. Only a small number managed to join the rest of POMORZE Army located in the City of Bydgoszcz, defended by reinforced 15 ID.
As for the Operational Group WSCHÓD, which belonged to POMORZE Army, with two of its divisions (4 and 16) draw back the attacks of double division of XXI Corps. Two first days of the battle by Osa River didn’t reveal that the battle was to end with Polish defeat, however there were already some evidences of it. Mistakes in command of 16 DP led to unorganized retreat to the South. Then the entire OG WSCHÓD withdrew towards Toruń and Włocławek. Such a combination of troops was no longer of warfare significance to headquarters, as could not prevent German invasion from East Prussia. With the retreat of MODLIN Army from Northern Mazovia, the entire Northern part of Poland was left to the occupant. Bydgoszcz was the only free bastion in the Polish Corridor, but it was then abandoned by the Polish Army on Sunday 3rd September. This move was accompanied by frequent diversion actions from the part of German inhabitants, who fired continuously towards moving Polish troops. Both sides suffered from number of death casualties. After taking the city, the Germans, in revenge, shot dead hundreds of innocent people. It was one of many Wehrmacht crimes on Polish population. During the war the Germans often used the events of so called “Bloody Sunday” as a proof of groundless Polish abhorrence towards its Western neighbor. And yet Adolf Hitler many times had offered peaceful solution to ethnical minorities and border problems. One of the solutions was mass extermination of Slovak population, murders and rapes. Could Polish Government agree for this? There is only one answer for a question like that.


Did Pomorze Campaign have to have so tragic effects on Poland? After sixty years, now we can draw some conclusions, based on which we can assume that the battle even that doomed could have been more successful for Poland. As nothing explains pointless lose of 9. and of 27. ID as well as of Pomorze Cavalry Brigade. What were the obstacles to withdrawn these units in August from Pomorze Corridor (as was done with 13. ID) and deploy them to Bydgoszcz outskirts defense? Moreover the fact that 34 IR of 9. ID and 27. ID did not follow the orders is incomprehensible (the former left the gap between 22 IR and 35 IR unguarded, whilst the latter did not depart during the night from 31st August to 1st September). If they had followed their orders, the campaign might have had a completely different outcome.
Such a big success was welcomed with a big surprise by the Germans. They assumed that in Bory Tucholskie there would be five infantry divisions supported by other non-division units. They even suspected that the Polish had moved their troops to Bydgoszcz, from where they would go foreword to North. In order to prevent possible maneuvers, they blocked the city with 50. and 32. ID as well as IB „Netze". Apart from Bydgoszcz actions, from 4th September the Germans started regrouping their troops (XIX Panzer Corps and reorganized XXI Corps) to East Prussia, and from there by train to join the actions by Narwia and Bug Rivers.
This Game is based on real events as described above. It also leaves the space for alternative scenarios. One can introduce 13. ID as well as 1. light tanks battalion. Foreseeing successful outcome of the actions on different fronts, one can detach 5. ID from OG KUTNO to move it to Pomorze.
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