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3rd edition B-35 - first (and subsequent) impressions
Autor Wiadomość

Wysłany: Sob 09 Cze, 2018   3rd edition B-35 - first (and subsequent) impressions

My first impression is that I do not have it yet and it "irritates me" immensely: lol:

(as soon as you get the parcel, the impressions will be described by changing this post so that there is no beating foam for the production of posts: wink:)

And finally I got - 25 in the afternoon after the exchange they had with WZ, that I should already have myself bent on the post office and what? lay a package with the message advised. it so happens that there was no card in the door, and the wife was at home. Cholera can take a man. it is clear that they now have to carry eggs and chicken and alleluia, but without exaggeration. in addition, the granary in the window did not even want to check how something really is. Fortunately, there is one postman I know and took pity on.
band and this: twisted:: evil::!:

General impression very positive. I did not demand the boxes, so I do not mind that the mountain is getting stuck. I hope that what goes to the stores, however, somehow holds: wink:
the fact that there is no cover on the instructions is obvious, in the end it is an instruction in the middle of the game.

excellent map, cool chips. I loved the diversionary groups from the new provisions. And of course those about mountain units, thanks to Rysiu: lol:

I have a few comments, but I already have more details so I will write about them later. Only about one here I zap. it is a pity that the south eastern corner of the map has not been made part of some fictitious Italy. Because Germania from the sea to the sea is an exaggeration for me and in addition, brave pasta warriors from El Alamein have nowhere to go: lol:
- What's your name, handsome?
- Borewicz
- And what's your name?
- Lieutenant
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