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English forum - English Rules ?

jonas - Sob 18 Paź, 2008
Temat postu: English Rules ?

I've sent you e-mails but got no answer. So I'm trying here.

Do all your games have english rules ? Even the mag games ?

Thanks a lot.

>>>> Jonas

Krzysztof - Pon 20 Paź, 2008

Hi Jonas

Ask the publisher nickname WZ

As far as I know magazine games have no English rules. Only some games have English rules. So check out taktyka i strategia internet shop polish name sklep
here is the link to the shop

Kragdob - Wto 21 Paź, 2008

Games in W39, B35 and WB95 systems have (system) common English Rules available. There is problem with scenarios translation as this is done on ad-hoc basis (we work on this afterhours).

For Medieval games this is more difficult as each game has broader set of specific rules related to the given battle.

Can you specify which game do you mean?

Best Regards,

jonas - Wto 21 Paź, 2008

Thanks for your answers,

I'm interested by those games :

- Pantery w akcji (Kaniów 1943)
- Grunwald 1410
- Warszawa 1944
- Tygrysy w śniegu w pudełku
- Budziszyn 1945

And by mag numbers : 17, 18, 21 and 23.

I'm in contact with Wojciech Zalewski to buy Budziszyn 1945 and Grunwald.

>>>> Jonas

Kragdob - Wto 21 Paź, 2008

The best way is to send such order/question to my e-mail ( Then I can answer you regarding availability and price.

For scenarios. They are on the way, but i still do not find time to finalize it (for Warszawa and Tygrysy).

Best Regards

Jksmuga - Pią 26 Gru, 2008

Hi Jonas i dont have english rules but i would be glad to help you out. I can translate one of the games to english for you or any scenarios that you need. Let me know.
Kragdob - Pon 29 Gru, 2008

Thanks to help I received I can now share translations of scenarios for:
-> Warszawa 1944
-> Kaniow 1944
-> "Tygrysy w Sniegu"

knothead - Pon 27 Lut, 2012
Temat postu: Tygrysy w Sniegu
I understand that Tygrysy w Sniegu is no longer available. Is this true? That's too bad since the Third Battle of Kharkov is a popular wargame subject. It's a good battle to game, with both sides on the offensive at different points in the battle.
Wojciech Zalewski - Pon 27 Lut, 2012

Sorry, but this is truth, all sold
knothead - Pon 27 Lut, 2012

Good for you but sad for me. :( - Nie 14 Maj, 2017

Kragdob napisał/a:
Thanks to help I received I can now share translations of scenarios for:
-> Warszawa 1944
-> Kaniow 1944
-> "Tygrysy w Sniegu"

May I have a translation of the series and specific rules for Warszawa 1944?

Wojciech Zalewski - Pią 07 Lip, 2017

please Your email address to

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