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English forum - 'Great Battles' system (WB-95)

Kragdob - Nie 02 Kwi, 2006
Temat postu: 'Great Battles' system (WB-95)
This topisc covers 'Great Battles' system (WB-95)
Games include:
- Smolensk 1941
- Charków 1942
- Bagration 1944
- Stalingrad 1942-43
- Ardeny 1944
- Normandy 1944

All questions regarding games and system rules can be asked here.

PzKpfw II - Pon 03 Kwi, 2006
Temat postu: Re: 'Great Battles' system (WB-95)
Oh,R1omen,you forgot about Budapest 1945 :wink: .I know,i know you don't like it so you could forget.Great Battles was the first system of gaming i'd played.R1omen kicked my ass in the fight of Bagration.It hurt.WB-95 is a gaming system adressed to beginners.Simply rules easy to learn,short time matches-just sit and play.
Xaad - Nie 25 Lut, 2018

9.2.1 "If all units in given combat are within friendly HQ range..."

All units, Friendly and Ennemy units?

In the rule HQ give +1 or -1 from dice, but in the video it is a ratio shift on combat table !?

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